Thumb_free_arabic_typing_tutor If you already know how to touch type in English, then learning how to do so in Arabic is just a matter of memorizing the position of the Arabic keys and then practicing. After a certain amount of practice, switching between touch typing in English and Arabic will become a breeze. Initially, typing up an essay in Arabic will, without doubt, be excruciatingly slow but fear not for the investment that you put into this endeavor will surely pay off when you're blazing past the poor sap next to who still relies on that primitive tool known as a pencil. As I said, the key to increasing your speed is all a matter of practice. However, since I couldn't find a decent, free Arabic typing tutor application that I could use to practice, I decided to create a very simple one which aims to help you master typing in Arabic. Each new level in the application adds a couple of new letters and also incorporates previous letters so that your previous practice is ...continue
Aug 25, 2013 by arabist
Thumb_arabic_newspapers The Arab world has been in the news a lot lately unfortunately for all the wrong reasons. We hope and pray that conditions improve for all the people of the Middle East. I’ve been trying to keep up with the latest developments by reading news articles in ...continue
Jun 17, 2013 by arabist
Thumb_arabic_almanac Part of the purpose of is to provide information on the best tools and techniques available to enhance and facilitate your study of the Arabic language. I'm always on the lookout for tools, books, applications, and really anything that can increase my productivity. Recently, ...continue
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